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Dark Horse Design is committed to providing the greatest value possible while providing website packages which cover all of your needs.

We design all of our websites with four goals in mind;

Custom Website Designs:

We will provide a custom, original, and aesthetically pleasing representation of the clients vision or company image. From incorporation of existing material to original logo creations, our graphic designers have you covered.

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Website Navigation:

We will design your site so that potential customers will have no problems finding what they need.  From multiple image and text links, to drop down navigation boxes, to table of contents pages, to site search engines, we will utilize one, all, or a combination of these techniques and more to ensure no one ever gets lost in your website.

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Website Promotion:

As we are fond of saying, it does not matter what your website looks like if no one can find it. There are many beautiful websites with hi-end graphics and programming which can never be found in search engines.  Likewise, very often, the most plain text-based website will rank number one.  We use a combination approach.  Dark Horse Design and our sister company Submit Away! will design your companies website with promotion in mind.  We have been at this for over four years.   We know what works, what does not, and what will get your site banished from searches forever.

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We invite you to visit our online portfolio and check out some of our clients.  See how Dark Horse Design incorporates our mission into every design concept.

For more information, please contact us.

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